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FONT tag

<FONT FACE="Benguiat Frisky ATT" SIZE=5 COLOR=Blue></FONT> 

The font tag allows you to format text in three ways. You're able to change the size of the font, the color of the font, and even the choice of font that is on you web page. You can set the font for the entire page or for just the first character of the page. The choice is yours. While the above example has all three of the possible attributes that you can use you don't have to include them all. It's completely legal to just set the color, face, or size alone. 

<FONT face="Benguiat Frisky,Bookman Old Style,Arial">
This attribute of the font tag lets you set the font type that the held text will be displayed in. You can specify upto three different fonts for the browser to display the text in. If the visitor's browser doesn't have the first font it will try the second. And if the second isn't present it will try the third. If the third isn't present the browser will display the page in its default font. 

<FONT size=4></font> or <FONT size="+1"></font> 

To help the occasional word stand out you might like to make it a larger size than it's surrounding text. There are two ways to set the font size. 

Relative sizing sets the font size as a relationship to the basefont. The default size for displaying text is "3". <FONT size="+1"> sets the size of 1 larger than the basefont (4). <FONT size="-1"> would set the size to 1 less than the basefont (2). 

Absolute sizing explicitly sets the size for the font. <FONT size=5> sets the font size to 5. 

<FONT color="colorname"></font> and <FONT color="#999999"></font> 

Color can be set in the font tag just as you set it in the body tag. You can specify the color through the color name or through the hexcidecimal codes preceeded by the pound sign. 

Now you know just about everything you need to put together the basic html page. You still need the most powerfull item in a web page: links