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Angle Brackets
The < and > symbols are called angle brackets. In HTML these angle brackets show where the formatting tags begin and end.
ex: <BR>

Character Encoding
The operation of converting a stream bytes into characters that the user can understand.

This is done by the WC3. With each new version of html, the World Wide Web Consortium will suggest that some of the tags from older versions no longer be used. The idea here is that the tags will be dropped from the standard in the future in favor of the newer tags that do a better job. If you stop and think a moment, you can see that the older tags will never be completely removed. There are too many commercial sites that use the older tags for the tag removal to take place.

An element is really just another word for a tag. Instead of just an opening or closing tag; however, an element is only considered complete when you consider the open tag, closing tag, and the content that is held between them.

A server is a computer program that allows you to run internet documents, chat rooms, and like services that everyone seems to like so much.

Title Bar
The title bar is a part of your web browser. It is the uppermost bar that will display the brand of the browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, etc...) and the name of the web page that is being held within the TITLE tags of the web page's source code.

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