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Index A concern of many webmasters in building their pages is positioning the content of their pages. In our example page we've centered all of the contents of the page. We've done this by using the <CENTER> tag and the block level <DIV> tag..

Block level tags allow you to format the contents that they hold. The content that block level tags hold is usually more than a word or two. A paragraph, or even an entire page, can be held by block level tags.All block level tags insert a blank line after them.

If you look at the code for the example page you'll see that after the opening <BODY> I placed the <CENTER> and <DIV align="center"> elements. In this case I'm using these tags to hold the entire contents of the web page. To show this, the closing tags for these elements must be placed just before the closing </body> tag.

<CENTER> is a generic positioning tag. Anything placed between the opening and closing tag for this element is centered in the available window.

<DIV align="center"> allows you to align the text and other contents to a different part of the web page. As well as center, you can set the DIV tag to left or right.

When you've set one tag inside of another it's called nesting.

<DIV align="center">

The <DIV> ision tag has been nested inside of the center tag. When you do this, be sure that you close the tag in the reverse order that you opened them: Open center, open div, close div, close center.

The next block level tag to look at is the <P> aragraph element.
If you look at the next line in the code example, you'll see that we've surrounded an image tag (IMG) by the paragraph element. As a rule, you don't have to do this if you've already set the center and div tags to make the image be centered within the page. We included it here just to introduce you to the tag.

Like the CENTER and DIV tags, the <P> aragraph tag can be used to position the content it holds. Also like the DIV tag you can set the contents it holds to the left, center, or right or the available window. <P align="left | center | right"> The paragraph tag does have a closing tag, but it is not necessary to use it. The browser automaticly assumes that the closing tag is implied each time that it runs into a new paragraph tag. This is true only for the paragraph tag. A blank line is inserted into the web page whenever you use this element as well.

So we've introduced you to block level tags. In the next section we'll cover the <IMG> tag so you can include pictures into your pages.