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Why in the world would you want to put your business on the web? 

Simply put, because the web has only just begun. When you walk through the neighorhood, there is one house that holds a computer for every ten that you pass. Of that ten percent that have a computer, only forty percent talk to the web. Doesn't sound like much does it?  

Consider: The number of people that surf the web doubles every sixteen weeks. The age of these prospective customers range from four to ninety-four, and that growth rate shows no sign of stopping.  That doesn't count the ones that surf the web through libraries, web cafes, schools, and Universities. You're on the ground floor with the world wide web. And the only direction is up!  

Does the high cost of maintaining a web site put you off? The bottom line is always a concern, but the revenue that you can generate will more than cover the expence. Domain registraition has dropped to fifteen dollars per/year and you can have your site hosted for as little as five dollars a month. There is the cost of designing  your site of course, and of maintaining it, but this is a ground floor opportunity that you shouldn't pass up. 

Many businesses have enjoyed a growth in revenues since they have set up shop on the web. Credit card purchases have become an every day occurance, and making purchases on-line has become an everyday occurancee.

So, to sum it up:

Getting your business on the web is easy. Given the growth of the web, you cann't afford not to. And we would like to be the ones to launch you onto the web. 

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