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Not sure what you would like to have on your web site?  

There's a variety of items that you may like to see there. 

Static Images 
Pictures, graphics and logos abound on most web sites. They give depth to web pages that would be rather plain otherwise.

Animated Images.  
Animated graphics, movies, and shimmering icons all catch the eye: it's a proven fact that a moving image is more likely to get your attention that a static image. If your don't overdo them, an animated image can do wonders in getting your web site stuck in a visitor's memory.

Navigational Images 
Image maps, buttons, and rollover scripts are all ways to add interactivity to your site. Letting your customers make the lights flash and the buzzers sound are excellent ways to get them involved. The more involved they become the more likely they're going to remember you.

Another way to add some intereactivity to your site is through forms. Forms let you hold surveys. They let you have a registraition process for members. They let your visitors tell you what they like and dislike. If you are interested in what visitors to your site think, you probally want a forms page somewhere in your site.

If you are offering goods for sale, a catalogue is an excellent way to go. Combined with a shopping cart and the ability to accept credit cards, you have instant convience available to your customers.

Just as there are no limits to the things that you can sell on the web, there are no (almost) limits to how you can display them on the web. Let us help you get your business on the web! 

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