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So, how much to pay the fiddler? 

Within our framework we try to keep your costs affordable. To that end we charge a flat rate of $35.00 dollars per hour for the actual design and construction of your site. Pro - rated to the nearest 15 minutes. For simple consulting, to give you a taste of our style, $40.00 dollars per hour is charged. 

If you need us to design the graphics and art work for your site, call us for a quote. Our charges for this kind of work may vary due to the type and complexity of the work that you need, but we do try to keep the cost in line with our other services. 

If you are a not - for - profit business or other charitable organization, contact us for a discounted rate. We do try to lend a hand to those who are helping others.

Send us a post so that we can help you out!